About Atomicboards.com

AtomicBoards was created in February, 2000. It entered into Beta Testing on March 3rd, 2001, and was officially launched as 'AtomicBoards.com' in May 2001. Since then, AtomicBoards has grown substantially in users and features.

We offer Five levels of service, all of which are ad-free:
    Free:  Free, no multiple-board forums, limited messages and users.
    Basic: $2.00 /month
    Silver: $4.00 /month
    Gold: $6.00 /month
    Platinum: $10.00 /month
To see the details of these plans, click here.

Complete list of features:

Settings / customization: (for the board admin.)
    - Add HTML, CSS and JS code around your messageboard
    - Automatically delete inactive accounts     - Ban IP addresses
    - Change colors for background, text, links, visited links, rows & alternate rows, and hover colors
    - Create an easy navigation drop-down box
    - Create moderator accounts
    - Create new users for your messageboard
    - Customize swear list
    - Edit / Delete messages
    - Enable or disable using HTML in posts
    - Enable a Captcha image to reduce spam
    - Enter a URL for the "Exit" link on your board
    - Enter your own header & footer text
    - Limit posting/reading to moderators or registered users
    - Multi-board (forum) mode allows grouping of several messageboards!
    - Select a maximum number of posts
    - Select how many threads (posts) per page you want displayed
    - Select to have a built-in hit-counter
    - Select to replace :-) symbols with images
    - Select your own font
    - Set your timezone
    - Specify background image URL
    - Specify table widths
    - Remove your board from the members list
    - Replace Smiley images and board icons with your own
    - Suspend users
    - Toggle Swear filter
    - Upload image files

Features: (for the board users.)
    - Automatic username registration
    - E-mail notification of replies
    - Easy HTML editor for helping with posts
    - Full profile per registered user
    - Message sorting (sort by date, title, replies, views)
    - On-board search utility
    - Private messaging between users
    - Possible to post Polls

Features: (for the board moderators)
    - Add/Remove user accounts
    - Block/unblock IP addresses
    - Block/unblock Username
    - Delete messages
    - Edit messages
    - Edit user profiles
    - Lock a message (disable replying)
    - Move messages to the top of the board (sticky)
    - Suspend/Unsuspend user accounts

Features: While posting:
    - Disable smileys / HTML
    - Enter title
    - Enter sub-title
    - HTML editor to simplify entering html code
    - Insert smileys / automatic smileys
    - Select message Icon
    - (moderator) Lock (no replies)
    - (moderator) Make Sticky


AtomicBoards.com is a service offered by LWS Hosting